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Prestige Security and Vasik will join forces per January 1st 2018

By 1 December 2017our news
Prestige Security and Vasik will join forces

After a five-year cooperation, the two companies have come to realize they needed each other and decided that it was high time to merge to gather their competencies in order to create a much stronger base of operation.

Namely, unity is strength, and sharing strong points ensures the new Vasik will be able to compete with larger companies, when big contracts are put up for tender.

On top of all that the new Vasik management team will have 135 years of mutual security industry experience, it will be the 3rd largest security company in Denmark but the largest owned by Danes only, employing 96 employees (per January 1st 2018).

The new Vasik offer will be more comprehensive, allowing a one for all security and safety experience for their clients: Control Center, Stationary Guards, Retail Security, Reception Desk Security, Alarm Response, Mobile Patrols and Close Protection Officers etc…