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T.S.S pushes the security industry bar with investment in future-proofing their business

By 2 March 2018March 9th, 2018our news
T.S.S pushes the security industry bar with investment in future-proofing their business

Total Security services’ (T.S.S. Security) Managing director Ricky Gardezi believes “people should be proud of the company they work for,” as he opened Total Security Services’ doors to’s Editorial Team of Bobby Logue and Alex Walker, on a tour of their new London Headquarters.

Total Security Services one of the UK’s largest privately-owned businesses is raising the bar in the regulated private security sector, through a series of long-term investments in people and processes. The company has enjoyed steady and sustainable growth to their client base in recent years. From 2009, regional offices have opened in Bristol, Birmingham, Liverpool, Glasgow and Belfast. This has allowed T.S.S. Security opportunity to think on a wider scale, and to proactively seek to develop and implement innovative solutions to processing bottlenecks, limits to existing infrastructure and staff wellbeing. By progressively developing their company’s new London premises, such as the purpose built on-site training facilities and expanded wider facilities completed in 2018, they strive to improve the excellence and professionalism of their client security services.

This, whilst achieving their company’s latest aims and keeping to their core values:

• Setting up a fully integrated IT system for maximum staff productivity, processing capability and output negating the need for the subcontracting of services.
• Organic growth with no acquisitions.
• Collaborative training and work ethos.
• Site development to be driven in the interest of staff welfare and professionalism.

The technology and infrastructure development plan for the family-owned business’ new London Headquarters started in 2012, where they encountered resistance to change when introducing new technologies. “Our aim was to achieve greater efficiencies, and reduce the administration burden which came with growth to enable staff to focus on more important and meaningful aspects of their job which directly impact service delivery for our clients.” continued Ricky Gardezi.

Key to this recent large-scale technological development were the company’s Change & Innovation Team. Who analysed and re-engineered a wide range of company processes within an integrated IT system. This was intended to optimise the company’s processing power, boosting company productivity and consequently client service.

T.S.S. continues to be a thriving company in private ownership, which allows for creative and flexible investment that can be put to ambitious purposes, with agreeable provision and planning. A predominant part of the company ethos and culture is a key focus on the welfare and safety of staff. The new company facilities are designed in the aim of encouraging a healthy, open and collaborative atmosphere among staff. Dedicated human resources, on-site security trainers with quality facilities and a Health & Safety team all contribute in helping to maintain the highest standards of staff welfare and professionalism