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Find out unique Russian perspective on the security market and Elite Security

By 15 May 2019July 15th, 2019our news

Find out unique Russian perspective on the security market and Elite Security way of supporting the clients.

GLOBAL SECURALLIANCE : Elite Security is one of the biggest security provider in Russia and former Soviet Union countries. What is main expertise of the company?

DMITRY BUDANOV : Yes, ES is one of the largest private security companies in Russia & CIS. Obviously our main business, expertise and profit maker is man guarding – facility guards, event security, executive protection, emergency response, etc. Our second expertise – providing services to the foreign businesses operating in Russia and neighboring countries. I will not exaggerate if I say that ES client portfolio is very unique and way above competition.

GSA : Your company is provide wide portfolio of security services. Which markets are the most important for you?

D.B : First of all Russia and Kazakhstan. We do operate in other FSU and CEE countries through partner companies.

GSA : What are the main challenges Russian security market is currently facing and it will evolve in next few years?

D.B : The major challenge is unregulated private security business. There are no official minimal hourly rate or salary of the security guard. Given the level of corruption and tax evasion in the industry, the competition is very unfair: small and medium size security companies (there are over 23 thousand private security companies in Russia, 99% of them employ less than 50-100 guards) will always offer dumping prices in order to get the contract. Their approach – “let’s get the job, we will figure out how to deliver later”.
In many instances procurement will select the best price, leaving behind other key criteria’s like financial and operational sustainability, professional references and experience, etc. actually the ability to deliver the quality service. Sometimes procurement will close their eyes on issues which are obviously non-compliant.

GSA : Many international corporations planning to operate in Russia and former Soviet Union countries are looking security support e.g. when it comes to travel security. What is your experience in that field and what you can offer them?

D.B : We offer to our clients full range of services when it comes to travel security: daily alerts covering Russia & CIS countries (all major incidents and events), situational reports to provide more details on particular cases or areas of interest, strategic outlook (quarterly reports on some major events and/ or trends), travel assistance and guidance including security briefings or printed brochures and emergency response using our web based application (by subscription only). All above is available in English through our 24/7 situational center located in Moscow.

GSA : Elite Security in one of the member of Global Securalliane. How would you characterized this network and what are the main benefits GSA is bringing to its clients?

D.B : It is great group of security professionals representing few dozens of countries across the globe. We are proud to be part of GSA for a few reasons: you can always reach out for fellow members in various geographies to ask for advice or assistance and it does work well, it is great network to exchange best practices and experiences, it generates good references and clients and we believe in growing buying/ selling power which helps to us all to win the competition.