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French view on security industry and Global Securalliance business model

By 8 July 2019September 17th, 2019our news

GLOBAL SECURALLIANCE : You are the Global Securalliance (GSA) President and the President of the BSL Securite which is one of the founding members of the GSA. Where did the idea of forming such a group come from and what are its main goals?

PATRICK SENIOR : In 2013, I created the first national network of independent operators in private security in France, already with the idea in mind that the alternative that we were offering French clients would be even more powerful on a European, and then international, scale. Of course, the opening of our offices in New York, Tel Aviv and Tunis helped to accelerate the original schedule. The 5 founding countries (England, Ireland, Switzerland, Poland and France) met in Paris and from there on GlobalSecuralliance became a project that came to life very quickly.
The main objectives of GlobalSecuralliance lie in the will of its members to provide a local response to international needs. GSA today is the only alternative to international security providers that we all know of and whose size no longer allows them the flexibility and agility and competitiveness of companies of our size.
The major asset of Securalliance is to offer international clients private security services by a network of owner-managed businesses and not a network of agencies and customer managers who are more or less involved in the quality and success of the services offered.
All strongly established in their regions, these owner-managers also offer, through Securalliance, a regional response for international coverage today.

GSA : At the moment GSA has its presence in 18 countries in Europe, Asia, South Africa and South America. How you see the future development of the Group. Which directions are the most important for the GSA?

P.S : The idea is to build a group that is present in all the countries of the world and which could in the long term be grouped by continent or large areas such as America, Asia, Africa and Europe.

GSA : The idea of forming an international security network seems very interesting. But why multinational clients would have the interest to contract services with the Global Securalliance?

P.S : Because they can find in Securalliance a “tailor-made” world-scale solution using groups whose owners are behind the wheel of the company and who are available for all client needs. We must admit that this is no longer possible with the group concentrations that are more and more numerous around the globe.
Today, an international client has the choice between one or two international security providers, while Global Securalliance brings them a benchmark of recognised companies that are experts in each country, and moreover offer truly international contract management and delivery. Who, in 2019, can offer a international security response other than GSA, while guaranteeing the expertise, proximity and agility of companies who have well understood that “international growth” for them is more a question of “capturing the international client” at home?
GSA offers the first and only “multi-partnership international” group organised with national companies: immediate benefits, limiting the risks related to the lack of knowledge of the country…

GSA : BSL Securite has an unique services portfolio on French security market. What is the main expertise of the company and its competitive position?

P.S : BSL will celebrate its thirtieth anniversary next year. We have come a long way from what we offered in the beginning and what we are able to produce today!
The expertise of BSL lies above all in maintaining high standards of quality for its customers while continuing to innovate on subjects with such strategic impact as the digitalisation of orders for security services (with its GG application), the objective self-appraisal of its missions and personnel, virtual training at the workstation, etc.

GSA : Where do you see your company in the next five years?

P.S : In France, like nearly everywhere in the world, the strategic trend of businesses is toward diversification. BSL will follow suit in order to offer its clients alternative solutions but also to win new markets. BSL will ensure that its global offer is clear and without ambiguity. The extremely standardised French market must also drastically develop its margins in order to finance its development. Our goal is to bring the company to a turnover of €50m while preserving profitability and sustainability.

GSA : What are the main challenges French security market is facing right now and how BSL Securite respond to this challenges?

P.S : As mentioned previously, the main objectives of the French market are to clarify its regulations, to enforce the same rules on all players, to rebuild its margins in order to promote access to the recruitment of more qualified staff with greater accountability for their missions.
In 2018, BSL created a group that aims to introduce barriers to entering the market in order to combat the explosion in the number of security companies (over 6,000 in France) and which will primarily be used to try to eradicate certain anarchic and dubious practices. This group has already succeeded in the creation of a new association bringing together the entire profession.