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We spoke with Yves Bastin – founder and CEO of the FACT Group

By 11 October 2019our news

GLOBAL SECURALLIANCE : The Fact Group is a group of companies specialized in few areas of security business and provide services in Belgium and Luxemburg. Could you introduce the company and its main areas of expertise?

YVES BASTIN : I established FACT Security in 2000 when a new law was introduced in Belgium, opening an opportunity for professional private security services. Very quickly, I decided to start my own training center (licensed by the Belgian State) in order to improve the quality of the recruitment and to continuously upgrade the level of my teams. A third company – FACT Services – has been added to cover different missions out of the scope of the pure security ( stewards, hostess, drivers ect.). In 2013, a subsidiary was created in Luxembourg, FACT Security Luxembourg.

The main activity of FACT is manned guarding as well in private sector as in public sector and in a wide range of activities ( industry, offices, retail, shopping malls, embassies, hospitals, schools and universities, corporate events and leisure). As you know, nowadays, technology is more and more present in our activity and we developed our own « facilities assistant » which is an digital daybook completely customizable. We have also recently started a collaboration with Espacedrone in order to propose to our customers the best drone-solution adapted to their needs.

GSA : What is the Fact Group market position in both Belgium and Luxemburg?

Y.B : In Belgium FACT security is n° 4, after the 3 multinationals (G4S, Securitas & Seris) with more than 750 people and 30M°€ turnover. In Luxembourg, with more than 130 people and 6M° turnover, we are a smaller player but we want to growth with the same level of quality as the belgian one.

GSA : How you company is different to other solutions available in Belgium and Luxemburg?

Y.B : Our main difference is the quality of our management : from the quotation to the implementation and the ongoing follow-up, all details are strictly evaluated in order to fulfill the needs of the customers. We focus on proactivity and proximity, with a + spirit solutions oriented !

Our « flat based organization » makes possible a very quick reactivity on each detected point of attention.

The human-size of our organization gives us also the possibility to treat everybody as a human being and not as a number. This is clearly a differentiation factor.

Another important point is to have our own training center : this is a leverage performance tool for our security guards!

GSA : You are the Global Securalliance member company almost from the beginning. Could you share your thoughts about group development during that time?

Y.B : I am very happy to be member of GSA, I am quite confident for the future of our organization and specially concerning the new opportunities that will come soon I hope !
We gained two contracts through GSA and we participated to different tenders to which we couldn’t have access alone. We still need to accelerate the collaboration between members and the international prospection in order to make more visible GSA for international buyers.

GSA : Many international clients are looking different security solutions and the Global Securalliance is an interesting option. Could you point out main benefits for international clients when working with the group?

Y.B : More and more clients don’t believe anymore the promisses of the giants, they would like to work with companies like ours because we really take care of our customers. The benefit of GSA is that we all follow the same rules and philosophy.